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Now Offering Roof Moss Removal & Roof Moss Control

A common site in Washington’s rainy, humid winter is the growth of bright green moss on shingle and masonry roofs. Homeowners may think moss on roofs is innocuous, just a cosmetic problem and leaving it in place can damage the roof and even have disastrous consequences.
Research shows that moss needs to be dealt with and the sooner the better.
Moss is a plant that grows naturally on just about any surface, including the ground, trees and sidewalks, as well as roofs. It produces tiny spores that become air-borne and land on roofs and other prospective growth sites. During the moist, cooler months, these spores grow into moss.
In drier weather, the moss goes dormant, turning into a rust-colored plant mass. Moss is different from algae, lichen or mold fungi, which are typically easier to clean and less damaging to a roof.
Moss readily grows on roof shingles, especially in the spaces between shingles where the spores collect. In wet climates, moss commonly grows into a mat that can be as much as a few inches thick.

Moss growth is usually greatest on north-facing roofs, roof areas shaded by trees and other places that are not exposed to enough sun to dry out.

Once established, it acts like a sponge, soaking up and storing rainwater. Some of that water then wicks up under the shingles through capillary action and soaks into and through the roof underlayment, which is typically 15- or 30-pound felt. Eventually, it saturates the roof sheathing below.
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